Timothy Pigot
Time Jerker
Vital statistics
Current Position Time Travelling Villain/Time Manipulator
Current Age Born: January 17 1994 Age: 23 Birthsign: Capricorn
Current Status Alive
Equipment Time Machine, Clocks, Time-related weapons, Steel numbers from clocks, etc.
Died in Still Alive
Alias Time Jerker, Time Bandit,
Appearances See below
Physical attributes
Height Heavy
Weight 8/10
Likes Time Travelling, Causing chaos in the future and the past, Clocks, Time puns, Aggravating his enemies with his time puns, Drill Finger, SMG3, SMG3's allies, The Toddler, etc.
Dislikes Mario, SMG4, Woody, Being beat up too hard (which makes him angry), etc.
The Time Jerker also known as The Time Bandit is a villain who likes traveling through time to cause trouble in the future and the past. Whenever he talks, he uses a bunch of puns about time and clocks and stuff. SMG4 and friends hate that and they're terrible at puns like that. He is a good friend of Drill Finger. When he's encountered by Mario and SMG4 (or Woody), he engages them in battle. On two occasions, he even kidnapped a large amount of Henry and Samantha clones from the future and the past. He was stopped and the clones were all sent back to their respective times. He lurks on top of a Castle's tower and whenever he's forced to take out the trash by Ludwig (the guy who lives in the castle he's in). He just sets his Time Machine to 65 Million Years ago and before throwing the trash in, he says "EAT MY TRASH DINOSAURS!!"