Stupid Girl (Jurassic Park)

The stupid Lady from Jurassic Park is the queen of the Topman Tribe. She only has made two appearances and hence her name she is very dumb. She along with her husband Topmaniac rule all Topmen and Topminis. When Mario (or Luigi in Super Luigi Galaxy) and SMG4 encounter her in both galaxies she comes down from the sky with Topmaniac (where they were hovering) they then engage Mario (or Luigi) and SMG4 in battle and insult them during the battle thus heating it up. After their defeat Topmaniac explodes and The stupid lady from Jurassic Park dies in a unique animation. Below is a list of ways she falls after-battle after each encounter.

  1. She falls.
  2. She just disappears.
  3. She gets sent flying into the air above.
  4. She explodes with Topmaniac.