SMG4 (Glitchy)
Vital statistics
Current Position Creator of SMG4's videos as well as the most subscribed blooper machinimist, Sterilizer (a Hitman that breaks the balls off of men), Wizard, Wallet Inspector, Merch Fairy
Current Age Born: May 24, 1999 Age: 19 Birthsign: Gemini
Current Status Blooper creator since February 20, 2005 but didn't officially start until May 7, 2011.
Equipment Punch, Kick, Karate, Blue Fireballs, Magic Wand/Blue Scepter for Wizardry/Ice Magitek, Rocks, Stolen Weapons, Helicopter, Sunglasses, Computer, Pingas Launcher Cannon, etc.
Died in Still Alive
Alias Glitchy, SuperMarioGlitchy4, Sterilizer Man Guy 4 Hire, Smg4, Smug4 Supermarioglitchy4, SuperMarioGalaxy4 (by a fan as a mistake), Harry (by Hagrid as a mistake), SuperMemeGenerator4, The Magical Hobo, Glitchy Boy
Appearances See below
Physical attributes
Height Medium
Weight 5/10
Likes Making Videos, Playing Video Games, Super Mario 64, Peach's Castle, Henry and Samantha, Mario, (99.9% of the time), Luigi, Tari (fellow gamer), Focusing, EXTRA THICCNESS, Ducks/Rubber Ducks and their Memes, Spidey (pet), Hubert the Rock (pet), Zorua (pet), His Yoshi Plushie and Yoshi, Peach (once wanted to see her naked), Toad, Bowser Jr., Bowser, Woody, his other friends, Memes, His sexy ass, Burritos, Cookies, Burgers, Blue Smurf Lolipops, Blue Fires, Cake, Rice, Chicken, Water, Pineappe Pizza, Team Fortress 2, Adventures, D&D, Being a Film Maker and watching Films, Making videos, Talent Shows, YouTube and Views, Being the Wallet Inspector, Being the Merch Fairy, Being the Sterilizer, Speaking Simlish like the Banjo-Kazooie noises/gibberish, Waifus like Peach (secretly), His Majestic Drawings (even if his art is bad), Being the sane sarcastic snarky cynical civil jaded laid-back level-headed Voice of Reason rational pessimistic kind polite calm accepting cautious mediator well-mannered patient quiet sceptical paranoid pragmatic True Neutral smart strategic serious straight man and Blue Oni to Mario's crazy aloof idiotic goofy Red Oni, etc.
Dislikes Spidey getting hurt, Teletubies, Giant Chain Chomps, Henry and Samantha being kidnapped, Annoying stuff, Scary/Confrontational Stuff (including Baldi, John Madden, and FNAF-Styled Games) even when things are exciting (speaks Italian when he gets scared enough), People who try to ruin his channel (especially SMG3), His secretly self-doubting personality trait, Being called cranky, His Social Anxiety and his Mean Anxiety Attacks, His lack of Human interactions, His unethical work hours, Mario (back in 2012-2013 in certain occasions), Carl Wheezer, Franki, Phillip and Kelly Bomb, Little Girl Zelda and William's predictions for the future, Being made fun of, Being called a coward, Being called gay, Losing his sanity, Anything related to Justin Bieber, Italian Food including Spaghetti, etc.
SuperMarioGlitchy4 also known as Glitchy since Mario in real life!? (200 Video Special) and better known as SMG4 is the main protagonist of the SMG4 bloopers. His appearance in the actual bloopers is a guy who passionately likes making videos involving Mario doing stuff. He's protective of his work; that aside, he seems to play the cynical smart sane respectful responsible intuitive insightful straight-man who is often irritated or shocked by Mario's crazy, goofball, flamboyant idiocy to compare/contrast their personalities and bounce off of each other. But in most videos, they are friends.

In the fan-made (yet real) SMG4 Longplays, his role remains the same with a few minor additions. For example, he is really observant and can analyse the name of any enemy found on the field and he knows the locations of hidden Stars. However strong enemies that can be destroyed in one hit by Mario will take two hits for SMG4 (one example includes the Boulders from Super Mario Galaxy) however weak enemies such as Goombas still only take one hit. In the Mario Kart longplays he assists his partner whomever it may be. In the early days they were bent on saving the Mushroom Kingdom from Bowser, however starting with September 5 2014, they save Henry and Samantha (and the World) from evil villains bent on taking over the Universe and killing Henry and Samantha because they know how much SMG4 likes them. These villains include Phillip and Kelly, Drill Finger, and even his evil rival SMG3.


Real name: Luke Lerdwichagul

Aliases: Glitchy, SuperMarioGlitchy4, Sterilizer Man Guy 4 Hire, SMG4, SMUG4, SuperMemeGenerator4, The Magical Hobo, Glitchy Boy

Species: Human

Age: 19

Occupation: Youtuber, Blooper-Maker, Wallet Inspector

Likes: Super Mario 64, bloopers, memes and his computer

Currently the most popular Super Mario 64 machinimist on YouTube

Best friend with Mario (sometimes battling each other over reasons)

Physicality/Martial Arts Fighting Style: Karate (pronounced "Kah-rah-tay") techniquesEdit


Once launched Mario into the sky in just 3/4 hits and a Shoryuken

Once shot a Mario Head in just 1.5 seconds with just a pistol when he got scared

Threw Mario who weighs 94,324,323,595 kg to the Black Star with ease

Knocked out Mario with a rock

Killed Mario in one punch

Can usually beat the hell out of Mario

Ran right through a wooden door

Beat Mario over the head with a toilet

Kicked Mario several hundred feet away

SMG4's Mario's weight is confirmed at 55.56 million pounds

Can pick up and toss king Bob-Omb

Managed to pick up Bowser and throw him off a roof

SMG4's Bowser's weight is confirmed at 3135 lbs.

Kicked a Toad several feet in the air

Threw someone into a tree so hard, they exploded

Kicked a soccer ball right over a Thwomp's head

Could pick up and throw a large bed hard enough to knock someone out

K.O.ed Mario with a strong kick

Knocked Bob through the castle and hundreds of feet in the air

Kicked the Soldier's American tea-bags hard enough to send him to the ground

Can pick up Bowser and swing him around by the tail

Can pick up and throw a big truck full of millions of Rocks

Can use a hammer to hit the target on the Strength Test to send the bell flying into space hitting a space shuttle that plummeted to the Earth and surviving it's explosion upon impact

Can block a frying pan attack from Mario.


Has dodged countless rounds of bullets from guns

Picked up and threw a bed at SMG3 in a fraction of a second

Dodged a 360-no scope from Mario

Out-speed lightning from "Guy"

Went to the sun in 4 seconds

Can run around the entire castle like a blur

Could dodge lasers being fired at him

Could dodge several explosive shots

Could outrun a Chain Chomp on foot

Casually ducked under a bullet

Could dance around point-blank minigun fire

Could dodge up close laser fire

Could briefly outrun the Pingas Train

Can fall so fast he burst into flames

Teleportation can appear just about anywhere without anyone noticing him


Survived a planet explosion

Survived a helicopter explosion while inside it without a single scratch on him and continue saying "Where's my Burrito?" as if it's nothing

Along with the crew, survived a plane crash without a single scratch while having 2 of the most wanted serial killers on the board (The psychopathic Villager and Enzo)

Survived many explosions

Survived skydiving (without a parachute)

Endured the explosion of a Pingas Missile from the War of the Pingas

Survived a battle against Super Sonic/Sanic

Endured a laser blast from a giant Yoshi

Can survive a keeping his sanity while watching the Luigi Dance

Endured getting sucked by Kirby for a few seconds and only lost his sight for a bit

Survived Mario falling on him from the clouds

Survived an explosion that leveled a city

Can somehow survive and talk without his head

Survived getting shot in the face

Survived a giant mushroom cloud explosion

Survived burning in a cardboard box

Survived being up close to a nuclear explosion

Survived being thrown out of a ten story building

Survived being blasted by a flamethrower

Survived being hit in the head with a bathtub

Survived an explosion that blew up a tank

Survived getting the hell beaten out of him by several bullies

Survived a pistol right to the head

Survived a rock the size of his head falling from several hundred feet in the air

Survived an explosion that leveled a giant castle without a scratch

Survived a Waluigi launcher exploding in his hands

Survived being knocked down by a frying pan

Survived being blown up by a bob-omb

Survived being eaten and only lost his head

Can somehow talk and live without his head

Is fine breathing in hallucinogenic gas

Was fine after a large gas explosion

Was fine after an explosion that destroyed a helicopter

Survived a blue shell explosion

Can go an entire week without blinking

Survived being hit by the Pingas Train

Survived being buried in Steves

Survived a planet-level explosion and only got lit on fire

Survived an explosion that leveled a restaurant

Survived being hit by Mario's kart (which was powerful enough to blow up a giant train)

Survived being hit head-on by a cannonball that destroyed a dinghy

Survived a firework exploding in his face

Survived being hit by a subway train

Survived the explosion of a space shuttle that fell from space (that he himself caused)

Survived being burst into flames after falling from high altitudes

Survived being hit in the face with a frying pan from Mario

Survived Bob's killer haircut

Survived an explosion of Thomas the Tank Engine in space

Possible healing factor: can be greatly injured and even lose limbs yet come back fine in the very next scene


Was able to please Weegee (even though all he says is Weegee)

Much smarter than Mario (though, that's not saying much)

Easily shut down Hal

Knows how to fly a helicopter

A rather skilled soccer player

Figured out the Labrynth puzzle rather easily

Taught Mario how to use Vegas

Skills & AbilitiesEdit

Character Manipulation

Can control all of the characters on his account whenever he pleases

Only used this ability once

4th-Wall BreakingEdit

Can appear outside the game and into the cheat menu

Can activate a moon-jump

Energy Balls

Can apparently just shoot these from his hands


Has shown conversion magic, being able to convert some objects into others like rocks into babies

Has also shown use of lightning magic

His magic also allows him to fly (although he can fly naturally)

His most powerful spell "Leviosaaa", is a concentrated orb of magic that could destroy all of Hogwarts

Pingas CannonEdit

Is activated where his penis should be

Can launch things as large as Mario out at high speeds

Can fire stuff out of it

Can even fire Mario out of it

Can fire soccer balls from it

Some items as heavy as Wario can be sent flying into the clouds


Can somehow fly

He also did so as the "Flying Wallet Inspector"


Can pull stuff out of thin air

Can use it to board up doors or attack


Explodes in extreme anger or extreme fear

Rarely gets scared enough or angry enough to do this skill often

Destroyed Peach's Castle


It has been implied that SMG4 can perform the Kamehameha in his earlier videos

Has also been implied that it could one shot a magically enraged SMG3

Rage Induced Size ExpansionEdit

When his rage intensifies his size and power grows/increases

His face can morph into any angry meme faces for intimidation

His transformation makes the area around him darker/pitch black and fiery flames appear to surround him and the person targeted by him

Was able to intimidate Peach and Bob



Can overpower and send Mario flying

Defeated Steve

Can destroy entire foundations such as platforms and bridges

Hubert the RockEdit

He's a Rock

Was there during Hobo SMG4's time of need


Used once

Only knows Tackle

Was able to fuck up Mario in 1 move



Can pull them out of seemingly nowhere

Will tick for a few seconds before exploding

He'll need to get away from the explosions, though

Can throw several of these mid-air


Exactly what it says on the tin

Comes with a silencer


Can be used for close-ranged combat


A tank nearly the size of the castle itself

Can fire giant explosive shots

Can also fire what sounds like machine guns


Can be used to fly


Can use magic with it

Can transform others with it

Can turn anything into anything else basically


A standard shotgun

Rarely uses it

One shot killed a giant Mario head

The same Mario head that endured the destruction of Earth

Waluigi LauncherEdit

Bought from eBay or a local Wario House

Waluigi's internal bone structure is rearranged to work as a launcher

Lastly, an explosive, most commonly a bomb is wedged between Waluigi's butt, allowing him to be used as a launcher

Knocked over several bowls of spaghetti

Was powerful enough to knock over King Bob-Omb

Tends to squirm

Can increase the range and power by adding explosives

Can even reach space with enough power

One shot blew up a tank

Blue Shell

Can ride on top of it

Will home into someone 'em blow up

Unknown how much control he has over where it goes


A large black hammer

Can knock foes back with it

Golden Mushroom

Greatly enhances the user power, speed, and endurance


A regular chainsaw

Sent a butt-hurt fanboy flying

His Horse (Ssenmodnar 11)Edit

Tastes like shit

With a stroke of its mane it turns into a plane

Can grow two barrels of machine guns on each of its side


Wing CapEdit

Likely works the same as it does in the games

Allows him to fly

Like much of his arsenal, he only used this once

Has trouble landing it


What else do you think it is?


These are getting really obvious

Rocket LauncherEdit

It's a rocket launcher

Can fire multiple rockets at once

Took out a good chunk of the Nether (from Minecraft)


From the looks of it, it is likely a Magnum Research/IMI Desert Eagle Heavy Caliber


Can wield it with one hand

Killed a Nether Wart with one bullet

Mighty Mushroom MorpherEdit

Allows him to go into his "Mushroom Ranger" form (see below)

Mushroom Ranger FormEdit

Gains this form via his Mighty Mushroom Morpher

Can fly in this form

His physical stats are most likely enhanced

Can summon a car to ram into foes

Can also summon a spear in this form

Survived being sent flying by a giant robot

Can also summon a giant, flying Hank Hill he can ride on who repeatedly just says "propane"

Could take down a giant robot the size of a house


His "super mario 64 bloopers: Who let the chomp out?" video accumulated more than 10 million views in just 7 months

Survives being with Mario on a daily basis

Has over 1 million subscribers on YouTube

Saved Mario from kidnapping

Took out a corrupt security system

Killed Link

Competed with SMG3 in a magic competition

Has competed with Mario in multiple "War of the Fat Italians"

With the help of Mario, took down a giant Mario

Beat down a bunch of Teletubbies

With the help of Mario, defeated an evil Ztar twice

With the help of Mario and a few others, won a soccer match for some little kids

With the help of Mario, defeated Luigi and his army of clones

K.O.ed Mario in a wrestling match

With the help of Mario, killed Bowser in the rap game

Hosted a talent show

Survived an entire planet full of Teletubbies

With the help of Mario, made it to the top of SMG3's gauntlet of gloom in less than 10 minutes

With the help of Mario, captured a Chain Chomp and won a pet show

Along with Mario, Luigi, Peach and Toad, became the Mushroom Rangers and stopped Dr. Pootis

Managed to break out of Cappy's possession when Mario was about to see his browsing history

Defeated Mario in 2.5 seconds



Too obsessed with his computer/laptop

Still doesn't have his burrito

Is easily scared by anything related to Justin Bieber

Unlike most Mario characters, SMG4 is incapable of breathing in space

Usually tries to just run away from larger threats

Doesn't really like brawling unless he's forced to attack against all odds, relies a lot on his "Kah-rah-tay"

In real life and the game, he does not like spaghetti

Idea Blocks

Without memes, he will die


Video Game AppearancesEdit