Vital statistics
Current Position Creator of SMG4's videos as well as the most subscribed blooper machinimist.
Current Age Born: May 24, 1999 Age: 18 Birthsign: Gemini
Current Status Blooper creator since February 20, 2005 but didn't officially start until May 7, 2011.
Equipment Punch, Kick, Blue Fireballs, Stolen Weapons, Sunglasses, Computer, Pingas Launcher Cannon, etc.
Died in Still Alive
Alias Glitchy, SuperMarioGlitchy4, Smg4, Supermarioglitchy4, SuperMarioGalaxy4 (by a fan as a mistake)
Appearances See below
Physical attributes
Height Medium
Weight 5/10
Likes Making videos, Super Mario 64, Peach's Castle, Henry and Samantha, Mario, (99.9% of the time), Luigi, Peach (once wanted to see her naked), Toad, Bowser Jr., Bowser, Woody, his other friends, Memes, His sexy ass, Burritos, Cookies, Burgers, Blue Fires, Cake, Rice, Chicken, Water, Team Fortress 2, Adventures, D&D, Being the Wallet Inspector, Being the sane cynical jaded laid-back rational pessimist sceptical paranoid pragmatic True Neutral smart straight man to Mario's crazy idiocy, etc.
Dislikes Henry and Samantha being kidnapped, Annoying stuff, Scary Stuff, People who try to ruin his channel, Mario (back in 2012-2013 in certain occasions), Phillip and Kelly Bomb, Little Girl Zelda and William's predictions for the future, Being made fun of, Being called a coward, Being called gay, Italian Food including Spaghetti, etc.
SuperMarioGlitchy4 better known as SMG4 and also known as Glitchy since Mario in real life!? (200 vid special) is the main protagonist of the SMG4 bloopers. His appearance in the actual bloopers is a guy who likes making videos involving Mario doing stuff.

In the fan-made (yet real) SMG4 Longplays, his role remains the same with a few minor additions. For example he is really smart and can analyse the name of any enemy found on the field and he knows the locations of hidden Stars. However strong enemies that can be destroyed in one hit by Mario will take two hits for SMG4 (one example includes the Boulders from Super Mario Galaxy) however weak enemies such as Goombas still only take one hit. In the Mario Kart longplays he assists his partner whomever it may be. In the early days they were bent on saving the Mushroom Kingdom from Bowser however starting with September 5 2014, they save Henry and Samantha (and the World) from evil villains bent on taking over the Universe and killing Henry and Samantha because they know how much SMG4 likes them. These villains include Phillip and Kelly, Drill Finger, and even his evil rival SMG3.