Vital statistics
Current Position SMG4's evil rival and Drill Finger's best friend/top minion
Current Age Born: March 12 1966 Age: 51 Birthsign: Pisces
Current Status Living with Drill Finger in his fortress alongside his friends (they're basically like his roommates).
Equipment Every weapon even his wallet
Died in Still Alive
Alias SuperMarioGlitchy3, Smg3, Supermarioglitchy3
Appearances See below
Physical attributes
Height Medium
Weight 5/10
Likes Drill Finger, Bowser, (formerly), The Toddler, Nintendofan996, his allies (John Gayham, X, The Monster, ??? etc.), Being evil, Making plans, Destroying, His rival SMG4, as well as Mario and Woody, Getting stronger, The Diamond Dogs, Teletubbies, etc.
Dislikes His rival SMG4, Mario, and Woody, Bowser (after discovering his retardedness and the fact that he is not pure evil), Losing battles, Unfair failures, Jacqueline and her brother the Villager, SMG4's YouTube friends, etc.
SuperMarioGlitchy3 or SMG3 is a 51-year-old rival of SMG4. He is his oldest foe (besides ???) and he's been a longtime friend of Drill Finger. He used to be a friend of Bowser but abandoned him after he gave up his evil ways. SMG3 now helps Drill Finger and his allies kidnap Henry and Samantha and destroy SMG4 and his friends. Even SMG3's friends followed him to their new ruler, SMG3 is a huge fan of evil stuff. He also has a brother named SMG1. He is one of the most frequently fought enemies of SMG4 during his adventures. He's found in a lot of areas and sounds very similar to the Toddler.