Red Team

The Red Team is the antagonistic team in the Mario Kart Wii Longplay. Ruled over by Phillip and Kelly Bomb the members of the team were once friends of SMG4 but have been mind-warped (brainwashed) by Phillip and Kelly to assassinate Mario and SMG4. Although this time SMG4 was working with Bowser Jr. they are immune to all items and objects manhandled by the Red Team. The personalities of the brainwashed Red Teamers still remains the same just they look up to Phillip and Kelly as their bosses and seek to destroy the Blue Teamers. Minions of Phillip and Kelly are also on the Red Team. After Phillip and Kelly Bomb were killed by Bowser Jr. and SMG4, the spell put on the Red Teamers was broken and they returned to their old selves. Throughout the battle courses at the start of the Longplay, Funky Kong and Koopa Troopa often pester Bowser Jr. and SMG4 about their progress. It was also in the Mario Kart DS Longplay.


Please note that most members were temporary due to the spell being broken near the end.