“You 3 losers have got an appointment... WITH YOUR DOOM!”
―Drill Finger to Mario, SMG4, and Woody
Drill Finger
Vital statistics
Current Position Evil Scientist/Dentist
Current Age Born: May 15 1980 Age: 37 Birthsign: Taurus
Current Status Planning his next move
Equipment Drill, Tooth Shocker, Ray Gun, Flamethrower, Freeze Gun, Dental Equipment, etc.
Died in 4 times but Still Alive
Alias Drillfinger

Evil Scientist

Appearances See below
Physical attributes
Height 10/10 in 3D Longplays

8/10 in 2D Longplays

Weight Cruiser in 3D Longplays

Heavy in 2D Longplays

Likes Kidnapping Henry and Samantha, Ripping out peoples' teeth, SMG3, his minions/army, his son Ortho, his daughter Noelle, his almighty weapons, Being evil, Being powerful, Making plans to attack the Mushroom Kingdom and kidnap Henry and Samantha, Teeth, etc.
Dislikes Mario, SMG4, Woody, His plans being foiled, etc.
Drill Finger (Born: May 15 1980) is an evil scientist. He enjoys kidnapping Henry and Samantha (whose teeth were very pure despite wielding no powers whatsoever and being just ordinary children) to rip out their teeth (well at least the good ones). His goal is to get at least more than 100 teeth and put them in his machine to power the energy from them with evil chemicals and put the power in the machine's reactor (later revealed to be the Cosmic Jewels which were stolen by the Toddler back in 1924). Once it had been powered up enough, the Cosmic Jewels would power up Drill Finger and reign a lot of evil across the entire universe. He hates Mario and SMG4 and also has a son named Ortho. Drill Finger commands a fleet of Teletubbies who do any of his bidding. He resides in Drill Finger's Fortress and high above the fortress, is a huge arena that looks almost identical to Bowser's Lair.