Cosmic Luigi

Cosmic Luigi is a shadowy version of Luigi who replaced Cosmic Mario in the Super Luigi Galaxy Longplay. When Luigi and SMG4 encounter him, they race him to the Star. Unlike his brother, Cosmic Luigi takes advantage of shortcuts and uses many Long Jumps as a result he's faster and much more difficult to beat than Cosmic Mario however he did show a few weaknesses in the race such as slipping into the honey, and taking the long way around the Lighthouse to the Star allowing Luigi and SMG4 to slip right past him. Cosmic Clones appear in the Super Mario Galaxy 2 Longplay and in the Super Mario 3D Land Longplay and are similar they are also revealed to be cousins of him and Cosmic Mario. Cosmic Luigi is one of the only three characters from the Super Luigi Galaxy Longplay who didn't appear in the Super Mario Galaxy Longplay, the only other being the Luigi Clone and Laylani that gets stuck finding the Stars due to the original Luigi being one of the protagonists alongside SMG4. Much like Cosmic Mario, Cosmic Luigi is much of a sore loser as he gets furious when he loses and he attempts to chase Luigi and SMG4 to get his Star back as well as cussing at them.