Cackletta is an evil Beanish witch and the villain of the Beanbean Kingdom. It's unknown if she's dead or not.

Throughout the whole longplay, Cackletta is often with Fawful, her assistant. Early in the game/video, Cackletta disguises herself as The Goodwill Ambassador to steal Princess Peach's voice and uses it to steal the Beanstar. Beanbean lore states that only one with a beautiful voice can activate the Beanstar's mysterious powers to grant any wishes; Cackletta hopes to use this power to conquer the Beanbean Kingdom and soon after, the Mushroom Kingdom. Mario, Luigi, and SMG4 go to the Beanbean Kingdom to stop her, and they meet her for the first time on the Koopa Cruiser when she and Fawful come to attack. She later comes to Beanbean Castle Town, attacks it, and also feeds Queen Bean a Belly Blech worm, which turns her into a monster. She then encounters the Mario Bros and SMG4 again in Beanbean Castle (in the disguise of Lady Lima, whom she had imprisoned in the sewers) and tricks them into fixing the castle's plumbing, which turns off the Beanstar's security system and allows Cackletta to steal the Beanstar. Mario rushes up to the throne room to stop her, but it is too late; Cackletta and Fawful get away and leave Queen Bean, under the influence of the worm, to take care of the trio. Later, Cackletta goes to Woohoo Hooniversity to carry out her plans with the Beanstar. After Queen Bean is restored to normal and the Castle Town is repaired, Mario, Luigi, and SMG4. (as well as Prince Peasley) travel to Woohoo Hooniversity.

Cackletta activating three Peach-bots, which are robots programmed to play a perfect copy of the stolen voice. Cackletta's plans backfire, however, when she attempts to use Peach's voice by putting the voice in robots codenamed "Peach-bots". It is later revealed that Toadsworth and others of the Mushroom Kingdom avoided the Plot and switched Peach with Birdo, whom they dressed up like Peach. As a result, the Beanstar becomes furious by Birdo's voice and does not help Cackletta at all. Instead, Mario, Luigi, and SMG4 come and give her a surprise attack at the wrong time (for her), and the pair finally battle Cackletta. Cackletta's main attack during the battle is creating lightning bolts to strike the trio. The arm she lifts for this attack show whether she'll attack Mario and then Luigi, Luigi and then Mario, or both at once. She can also create two clones of herself, so when one of the duplicates is attacked, it divides into a swarm of Cackletta-like bats and attack the brothers. They aren't very dangerous because they only cause very little damage, although they can give venom if Mario or Luigi or SMG4 make contact and will poison the Mario Bros. and SMG4. When the real Cackletta is attacked, the fake ones disappear. In order to figure out which Cackletta is the real one, they look at the black holes she creates. The real Cackletta's hole was sized differently than the other two (either bigger or smaller). She also has a special attack where she makes voids in the ground that move toward Mario, Luigi, and SMG4 so they can fall in and drop from the top of the screen and hit the ground while making them heavier. This attack causes Heavy G. She can only use this attack once at the very beginning of the battle, and also near the end of the battle. They fight until Cackletta is so badly injured, she cannot move. Fawful comes and absorbs Cackletta's body in his "headgear". Cackletta then commands Fawful to do one more attack for her, however, he is stopped by Prince Peasley hitting them with his sword and knocking them out of Woohoo Hooniversity.

Bowser is lying unconscious in the Mushroom Kingdom side of Stardust Fields when Fawful lands there, too, and puts Cackletta's ghost into Bowser's body and thus, the birth of "Bowletta". Now that Bowletta can control Beanbean minions and Koopa minions, she is more powerful than ever and plots to steal the Beanstar again and get the real Peach's voice. She succeeds in kidnapping Princess Peach in Little Fungitown while Mario is sick, Luigi is away and SMG4 is hurt. She then offers a deal with the trio. through a video recording: find the Beanstar pieces and fix them, then give her the Beanstar and she will return Peach. The brothers' friends at the castle realize that Bowletta is probably tricking them and not planning to return Peach. Prince Peasley has a plan to give her a fake Beanstar and meet them at the top of Joke's End. After many long battles, Mario, Luigi, and SMG4 finally make it up to the top of Joke's End. Luigi gives Fawful the fake Beanstar, but Fawful sees right through the disguise and knocks down the trio's. suitcase. Mario follows after Luigi and SMG4 and they have an idea. Mario, Luigi, and SMG4 come to Bowletta, but Bowletta refuses to honor the deal and release Peach. A few minutes later another Princess Peach comes out along with Mario, holding her mouth. Mario cracks up and Bowletta understands that the Peach she's holding is a fake. She drops the Peach she's holding and grabs the other. They then go to the Koopa Cruiser and ask her why she's holding her mouth, but she doesn't respond. Then Bowletta scares her to reveal a big mustache, and the "real" Peach turns out to be Luigi, forcing him to make a getaway. In the mean time, Bowletta plans a plot to destroy the Beanbean Kingdom and then, after the trio. are destroyed, the Mushroom Kingdom. She goes in Bowser's Castle and successfully destroys Beanbean Castle Town. the trio. go to Hoohoo Village and tell Blablanadon that Bowser's Castle is overhead and now he should take them up. Fawful then informs Bowletta that Mario, Luigi, and SMG4. are coming so Bowletta orders the seven Koopalings and Fawful to guard his castle. The trio fight them all and eventually fight Bowletta until finally she gets an idea. She pretends to be defeated and then, when they let their guards down, she summons a Time Bob-omb to explode at them. It works and she subsequently eats them. Inside Bowser's stomach, Mario, Luigi, and SMG4 barely conscious, find Cackletta's spirit inside of the body and fight her.

The three start the boss fight with 1 HP, so they quickly healed on their first turn. In battle, Cackletta will use aura attacks against the trio. SMG4 then states that they must destroy both of her arms and her head in order to expose her heart. When her heart has been exposed, Mario, Luigi, and SMG4. attack it to finally destroy her and win the battle. After Cackletta is defeated, her spirit leaves Bowser's body, disappearing into thin air and Bowser returns to his original form.

It could be possible that Cackletta is deceased though nothing has been confirmed.