Bowser Jr.
Sm64 Bower Jr.
Vital statistics
Current Position Bowser's swag son
Current Age Born: December 6 2002 Age: 14 Birthsign: Sagittarius
Current Status Living at Bowser's Castle playing the Nintendo Switch for 18 hours a day (unlike the ad).
Equipment Junior Clown Car, Fire Breath, Swag, etc.
Died in Still Alive
Alias Bowser Junior, Junior, Prince Koopa
Appearances See below
Physical attributes
Height Light
Weight 2/10
Likes Bowser, Mario (sometimes), SMG4, swag, his friends, sports, racing, winning, Burgers, gaming, Henry and Samantha, YouTube, Woody (sometimes), Luigi (sometimes), Sugary treats, etc.
Dislikes Phillip and Kelly Bomb, Getting beat up, Annoying stuff, His Boomsday machine exploding, The Lumas carrying him, Not being in Mario Kart 7, etc.
Bowser Jr. or Bowser Junior is Bowser's winning-cool son and an ally of SMG4. He is normally a friend of him and Mario but in some cases he's an anti-hero or a minor villain. He is also friends with Henry and Samantha. He hates Phillip and Kelly Bomb and helps SMG4 defeat them. Also, he normally stops trying to beat his allies after a certain number of defeats (mainly in the Super Mario Galaxy longplays). He really likes swag and hates the book Chinese Cinderella due to one of the lines in the book. He sometimes wears a pair of swag sunglasses.